SureSmile vs Invisalign: Which Is Best?

The Great Debate

Alsbury Dental, led by our skilled cosmetic dentists in Burleson, TX, Dr. Belken and Dr. Davis, is committed to enhancing your smile’s beauty and health. While we acknowledge the popularity of Invisalign, we have opted to offer our patients SureSmile clear aligners. Many patients ask us how SureSmile compares to Invisalign and whether they’ll get the same results. In our opinion, your results are often even better with the SureSmile system! But don’t just take our word for it. Lets look closer into the great SureSmile vs Invisalign debate!

Comparing SureSmile vs Invisalign in Burleson, TX

The Trailblazer: Invisalign

Introduced in the late 1990s, Invisalign has been a game-changer in orthodontics with its transparent, nearly invisible aligners. Custom-crafted for each patient, these aligners gently and incrementally shift your teeth into place. Typically, aligners are changed every one to two weeks.

Invisalign is known for its reliability and gradual, predictable results, causing minimal disruption to everyday life. The SmartTrack material, exclusive to Invisalign, ensures comfort and gentle, consistent force for moving teeth, providing ease of use and flexibility.

However, adherence to the 22-hour daily wear recommendation is a common challenge, especially among younger patients. To address this, Invisalign Teen features compliance indicators, allowing Dr. Belken and Dr. Davis to monitor wear time.

A patient holding suresmile clear aligners in Burleson, TX

Technological Excellence: SureSmile

Emerging around the same time as Invisalign, SureSmile introduced innovations like robotic wire bending and 3D imaging. It combines clear aligners with robotically-engineered wires for highly precise tooth movement.

Our dentists, Dr. Belken and Dr. Davis, use 3D imaging to chart the ideal path for your teeth’s movement, with a robot shaping custom wires for your treatment. SureSmile’s targeted approach can reduce discomfort and treatment time by up to 34%, owing to fewer adjustments and its unique aligner and wire system.

SureSmile aligners are made from a proprietary, strong, and stain-resistant material, maintaining their invisibility throughout the treatment. They also offer SureSmile QT, lingual braces for adults seeking more discreet options.

SureSmile vs Invisalign Key Differences

Customization and Precision

Both treatments offer high customization using 3D imaging. SureSmile’s additional robotic wires enhance the precision of tooth movement.

Duration of Treatment

Treatment time varies based on each patient’s needs. Generally, SureSmile’s robotic technology can shorten treatment times compared to Invisalign.

Comfort and Appearance

Both treatments are designed for comfort and discretion, with clear, removable aligners.

Accessibility and Follow-up Appointments

Invisalign is more commonly available, but SureSmile’s popularity is increasing. Invisalign may require more frequent check-ups, while SureSmile’s precise approach typically needs fewer visits.

Why We Love SureSmile at Alsbury Dental

At Alsbury Dental, we exclusively offer SureSmile aligners for several compelling reasons:

  1. Advanced Precision and Efficiency: SureSmile’s cutting-edge technology, which integrates robotic wire bending with 3D imaging, allows for extremely precise tooth movement. This precision is not just about accuracy; it translates to more efficient treatments with better outcomes. Our patients often experience shorter treatment times compared to traditional aligners.

  2. Customized Treatment Plans: Every set of SureSmile aligners and wires is tailored to the individual’s dental structure. The precision of robotic technology ensures that each adjustment is exactly as needed, reducing the number of overall adjustments and visits. This customization leads to a more comfortable experience and faster results.

  3. Enhanced Comfort: The innovative design of SureSmile aligners, combined with the tailored approach of wire adjustments, generally results in a more comfortable treatment experience. The aligners are designed to exert gentle, consistent pressure, reducing the discomfort often associated with orthodontic adjustments.

  4. Durability and Aesthetics: SureSmile aligners are made from a proprietary material that is both robust and stain-resistant. This ensures that the aligners remain discreet and virtually invisible throughout the treatment process, an important factor for our adult patients.

  5. Specialized Expertise at Alsbury Dental: Our team has extensive experience and specialized training in administering SureSmile treatments. This expertise allows us to offer a high standard of care and precision, making the most of SureSmile’s advanced technology.

  6. Focus on Cutting-Edge Treatment: As a leading dentist in Burleson, TX, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced and effective orthodontic solutions. Our choice to focus solely on SureSmile aligners is a testament to our belief in its superior technology and results.

  7. Better Management of Complex Cases: SureSmile’s advanced technology is particularly effective in managing complex orthodontic cases. The precision and customization allow us to tackle challenging alignments that might be more difficult to correct with other systems.

  8. Streamlined Treatment Process: With SureSmile’s efficient treatment planning and fewer required adjustments, patients enjoy a more streamlined and less intrusive treatment process. This means less time in the dentist’s chair and more time enjoying the progress of their new smile.

  9. Comprehensive Support and Aftercare: We provide thorough support throughout the treatment process and beyond. Our commitment to post-treatment care ensures that our patients continue to enjoy their beautifully aligned smiles for years to come.

Choose SureSmile in Burleson, TX

At Alsbury Dental, we understand that orthodontic treatment is a significant decision. Dr. Belken and Dr. Davis are dedicated to ensuring that each patient receives personalized care tailored to their unique dental needs and lifestyle preferences. By choosing SureSmile at our practice, you are opting for a modern, efficient, and comfortable path to a perfect smile. Contact us today to learn more about SureSmile and schedule your consultation.

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