Fluoride Treatments

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is essential in keeping teeth healthy and strong. Most patients get enough fluoride through the dental products they use and the water that they drink. However, if you’re more prone to developing tooth decay or if you aren’t getting enough fluoride, we may recommend fluoride treatments. Both pediatric and adult patients alike can benefit from special fluoride treatments.

Why are Fluoride Treatments needed?

There are several reasons why we may recommend fluoride treatments. It does not matter your age, as fluoride treatments are helpful in protecting and strengthening teeth. Some reasons you may need these treatments to include:

  • You don’t use fluoride-containing dental products
  • You don’t drink fluoridated water
  • You’re more prone to tooth decay
  • You’re looking for a way to protect and strengthen your teeth
  • You have issues with tooth sensitivity
  • Your child doesn’t brush or floss properly
  • You or your child has a poor diet
What Are Fluoride Treatments
Who Is A Good Candidate For Fluoride Treatments

Who is a good candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Most patients are good candidates for special fluoride treatments. The treatment itself requires absolutely no anesthetic and is done easily in our office within seconds. In fact, we can provide you with these treatments in conjunction with other procedures being done. For example, it’s not uncommon for our patients to receive fluoride treatments during their bi-annual checkups.

What happens during the Fluoride Treatment process?

We start by cleaning and drying your teeth. The liquid fluoride is then applied to the teeth. The fluoride works immediately by soaking into the teeth and protecting them. It is important that you avoid eating and drinking anything for about an hour after the treatment has been applied. You can have these treatments done at any of your upcoming appointments or on an as-needed basis. By performing an exam and reviewing your dental history, we can help in determining if you would benefit from having fluoride treatments done in our office.

If you think you might benefit from fluoride treatments and want to know more about the procedure, call our office today and we will be happy to further assist you.

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